Wednesday, July 11, 2012

July Conscious Box

I got my Conscious box this morning!  This one was pretty awesome.

Immediately, the first thing I saw was the eyeshadow.  I freaking love eyeshadow so this was awesome!  It's a peachy shimmer color, it's called Peach Ice from All Natural Face.  Plus a 20% off coupon!

There's also a whole box of St. Claire's Organics peppermints.  They were pretty minty :]  those went straight into my purse.  The Ralph Waldo Emerson quote says, "Happiness is a perfume you cannot pour on others without getting a few drops of it on yourself."

The applesauce on the go by GoGo squeeZ.  I'm going to share it with my nephew.

This essential oil is pretty cool.  Its got directions on the side of the bottle in order to make bath gels or perfume.

The Aromatherapy Deck were pretty cool too.  Definitely going to read them and see what I can get into.  

Naturally It's Clean provided a sample for cleaning floors.  How did they know I have wooden floors?

The Muscle & Joint from Jadience Herbal Formulas is definitely something I can't wait to try next time I get shin splints or knee pains.  Probably going to buy some for my sister for her knees, since she has torn her ACL in both knees.

I'm not a big fan of protein, but I'm going to try this Raw Protein from Sun Warrior, and if it's gross I'll just give it to my mom.  She loves protein shakes.

Mmmm... snack bars, on the other hand, I freaking love.  YUM!

Tea!  I got so much tea in this box.  I love tea!  The first one I saw was from Tea Forte.

The other tea is from Mighty Leaf

The most interesting thing I got in this box would be this Madhava sample, natural sweeteners. 

Lastly, I got a bonus product since I posted on the Conscious Box Facebook page.  It's a fruit chew from Powbab.

So far, so good.  I love Conscious Box, definitely going to keep this subscription.  Can't wait for next month! 

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