Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Hautelook Part 1 of NYX Cosmetics

The first part of my NYX Cosmetics order from Hautelook came in the mail today! I love the fact that they put the summary or whatever in a envelope, it makes me feel special :D

I got the Sweet Yet Subtle Lip Set for $9.00. So cheap I wanted to buy more but I just couldn't figure out what exactly I wanted.

I love lip balm and lip glosses, they're definitely my favorite and I'd put some on before I ran out of fire. Not really, but sorta. I got two, one is a very subtle pink tint called Shukran and the other is Spasibo in a nude shimmer. Weird ass names, I'm not sure how to pronounce them.

The lip glosses are "mood" lip glosses which means they change colors when I put them on my lips. One turns a reddish-pink shade and the other goes from clear to a light pink. I really wanna see how vibrant these are when I wear them out.

I can't wait for the rest of my package gets here.

edit:  I bought brushes from this sale too, but they oversold them.  I ended up getting a $5 credit on my HauteLook account for each one, so it added up to $15, and also a $7.50 refund back into my PayPal account.  There won't be a Hautelook Part 2 of NYX Cosmetics.