Thursday, September 20, 2012

e.l.f. Cosmetics Haul

So I went online and was checking out my normal blog role and I saw that e.l.f. came out with some HD Blushes.  Supposedly, these are dupes for the Make Up Forever HD Blushes but I wouldn't know because I never tried those.  Well I ended up buying a whole bunch of stuff from e.l.f. and it was awesome!  Plus I got it all half off. 

I got some tools to add to my brush collection.

This is the small angle brush.  I really wanted something to use for thicker eyeliner or to place eye shadow underneath my eye.

I needed a freaking lash comb because my last one broke while in my make up bag and I have been walking around with clumpy eyelashes.

A stipple brush! Originally this was gonna be for my tinted moisturizer but I saw that the HD Blushes would be better applied with a stipple brush, so until I buy a smaller stipple brush I'm going to use this one for the blushes.

This one is a small concealer brush, I need one since I've been using my fingers to apply concealer and that shit ain't cute.

I wanted to buy more of these, but I settled on one.  This one is in Rich Red, perfect for the holidays.

This is a Makeup Mist & Set spray, it says it's going to set my makeup or it could brighten it throughout the day. I really want to see what it does exactly.

I got a tinted moisturizer in the color beige.  Hopefully this isn't too light if it is I can just give to my best friend or my cousin since they are both lighter than me.  I haven't checked yet but woo looks promising.

I also got Makeup Remover wipes because I'm too lazy to go out and buy some from Walgreens, haha! Yeah I don't know.

Finally bought some damn shampoo for my brushes.  I saw Rachel from wash her brushes with Dawn soap and I thought oh ok but this was cheaper so I said fuck that, I'm getting the one that's designated for brushes.

This one is just to clean my brushes daily, duh right.

Yay eyebrow stuff, thank the lawd!  I need something to do my brows with because I have been using eye shadow and that stuff leaves streaks and smears.  Am I suppose to prime them hos or what?

 The moment we've all been waiting for.... my motherfucking HD Blushes!  I got one in every color because they are so cheap, how could you not.

Saturday, September 15, 2012

September Birchbox Opening

So let's start with the fact that I was supposed to get this yesterday, or so that's what my tracking number claimed.  I was so disappointed that it wasn't in my mailbox yesterday, but it got there this morning after I figured it wouldn't show up til Monday.  You better believe I was excited to open this one.


I opened it up and I saw this awesome little book deal.  I immediately think it's going to have people wearing trendy clothes for fall and possibly some makeup tips or something like that. DRUM ROLL!!!  It does!  It's got hair tips, makeup tips, and it gives you cute little ways to wear your hair and makeup for the fall. I love this little "lookbook" I would love for them to do this every month but every season is just as good :]

Next, I saw this.  It's a Professional Volumizing Catalyst by LiQWid.  I'm guessing it's supposed to give make "your locks look fuller."  It's a little spray bottle which is awesome, because I prefer this over serums.  I'm excited for this since I have pretty fine hair and have trouble keeping volume, hopefully this will do the trick.

LiQWid also included a volumizing shampoo and conditioner.  Kewl!  I mean how can you get full results if you don't use the shampoo and conditioner as well, right?

My very first BB cream.  I know this are starting to become a big deal, I'm starting to see BB cream everywhere.  This particular one is by Dr. Jart+ and the tint is a little bit lighter than my skin color, but it's cool, I mean I'm tan now because of the summer but as soon as it gets a little colder I'll become my usual pale self again -_-

Yay for nail polish!  I love receiving nail polish in these sample boxes.  This is a mini polish by Color Club in Insta-this.  It's a really pretty blue, I've been wanting a blue.  Good thing I didn't buy one yesterday from Hautelook ha! That would've sucked.

What the...? A twistband?  Uhm thanks?  I seriously hate this.  I mean... why?
Anyway, it's pretty and I could probably use it as a bracelet.  I meant my hair is short so I don't see why I else i need this, and regardless, even if my hair was long this is freaking stupid.  I have twist bands dude, no I don't need one included in my sample box as opposed to an actual BEAUTY product.  God, this is dumb.
(twistband by Birchbox)

And last and yeah, least, perfume!  Mon Jasmin Noir by BVLGARI.
I mean, I don't like receiving perfume in my sample boxes, but you know, whatever.  This one smells pretty good.  Adult-like I guess.  Something my mom would like or my best friend.  She's an old soul.  I don't like perfume because it makes me feel over-the-top.  I always think I smell too strong and it's just uncomfortable. I tend to go for more fruity, girly smells.

I like that they give you a little spray, though, that's always awesome but it's only filled up a little more than half-way. WTF?

Ok so, overall, this box sucked balls.  I mean it's got some cool shit but nothing that made me feel like, "Oooo!"  I wish I would have known how bad this was going to suck I would have skipped this month.  Honestly, the only thing I really liked was the lookbook deal.

Thursday, September 13, 2012

Color Club Nail Polish on Hautelook!

Aw yee, Color Club Nail Polish is going to be on Hautelook tomorrow.  I'm definitely going to be all over this because I expect it to sell out quick!

  Oh  I am excited!

Wednesday, September 12, 2012


Man, I love coming home and seeing packages waiting for me.  Especially this one, my first every Bh Palette.  I got the 88 Matte Palette for $9.95 it usually retails for $18.95.  Bh Cosmetics palettes are always on sale, you can almost never pay full price for a palette.  I think right now it's at $10.42, which is still pretty damn awesome.  

Well I love the casing, it's shiny.  It was kinda hard to open but I broke a nail the other day and had to cut them all very short and now I feel like I can't get a grip on anything, except it's easier to pick my nose. I'm totally loving the casing though, it looks great to me.

The colors are definitely matte, holy fuck, they are fun to look at.  I really like the dark ass red down there, I can't wait to try the one out.  I wish I would have swatched a few of the ones I really liked but I took these pictures and then started doing something else, so I haven't even gotten time to really appreciate this palette.

Anyway, I'm pretty sure that I'm gonna purchase another BH Cosmetic palette in the future.

I don't know if you guys have noticed, but I almost always only buy stuff on sale.  That's probably why I haven't bought the Urban Decay Naked palettes yet.  Ugh, maybe one day.

Monday, September 10, 2012

Coastal Scents Package

I don't know why it took me so long to get something from Coastal Scents, dude these colors are amazing!  I got this palette on sale for $19.95 and usually it retails for $39.95.  Currently it is on sale for $29.95 which is still amazing.  Honestly, if I had known how awesome this palette is I would've bought it a long time ago.

I love the packaging, I don't know thought, does this remind anyone else of the True Life MTV series, haha!

Well the first set is a range from greens to blues and mostly cool colors all around.

The next set is yellows, to pinks, to browns.  My camera sort of caught the lighting weird so they don't look to fresh on here.

And finally the last set has a larger range and is more warmer shades.

It also came with a little sample!  The colors are from top left corner going clockwise, Peach Puff, Cherry Chocolate, White Silver, and Nude

And this awesome sticker that I'm probably going to stick on my forehead!

Stila on Hautelook Order

Finally! I got my Stila order in! I wanted to get more stuff but I gave myself a strict three-items only rule for this one. I bought a the Prime Pot in Caramel for $9 which is awesome it retails for $20. Yeah, SMD. I also bought two smudge sticks, both waterproof for $5 each, and these retail for $20, but they are on sale right now so you can get them for $8 which is pretty damn awesome still. I got the sticks in Silver Dollar and in Koi, which is a really gold color. Totally worth it. Seriously, these Hautelook orders to take for damn ever to get to my house and this one took an extra damn weekend because of a late train on Friday. But like I said before, totally worth it.

Join Hautelook! It's free to join and you get to check out awesome stuff on sale!

Thursday, September 6, 2012

Crown Brush on Hautelook Order

edit: By the way I got my laptop back! Wooowooo! 

I have been needing brushes for the longest and when I saw Crown Brush on Hautelook, I immediately marked that on my calendar.  I purchased the 10-piece Blue Syntho Set.  It took for freaking ever to get my package.  Seriously, I don't know why they take so long but it's always nice to forget about it and then have it show up on your doorstep.  I paid $29.00 for this brush set.

Well it came in this cute little blue brush holder dealy and it's awesome.  It even has pockets I can put extra stuff in.  I'm not sure what but I can think of that when the time comes.

It came with three large powder brushes and 7 smaller brushes.  The smaller brushes vary from regular eye shadow brushes and eye brow brushes.  Oh and a liner brush.

I love the blue coloring at the very tip of the brush.  It's really the only reason I picked these over the rest of them.  They're super soft and seem pretty sturdy.

I think the brushes definitely pay for themselves.  I haven't used them to see how well they carry color but they certainly are pretty!