Thursday, September 6, 2012

Crown Brush on Hautelook Order

edit: By the way I got my laptop back! Wooowooo! 

I have been needing brushes for the longest and when I saw Crown Brush on Hautelook, I immediately marked that on my calendar.  I purchased the 10-piece Blue Syntho Set.  It took for freaking ever to get my package.  Seriously, I don't know why they take so long but it's always nice to forget about it and then have it show up on your doorstep.  I paid $29.00 for this brush set.

Well it came in this cute little blue brush holder dealy and it's awesome.  It even has pockets I can put extra stuff in.  I'm not sure what but I can think of that when the time comes.

It came with three large powder brushes and 7 smaller brushes.  The smaller brushes vary from regular eye shadow brushes and eye brow brushes.  Oh and a liner brush.

I love the blue coloring at the very tip of the brush.  It's really the only reason I picked these over the rest of them.  They're super soft and seem pretty sturdy.

I think the brushes definitely pay for themselves.  I haven't used them to see how well they carry color but they certainly are pretty!