Thursday, September 20, 2012

e.l.f. Cosmetics Haul

So I went online and was checking out my normal blog role and I saw that e.l.f. came out with some HD Blushes.  Supposedly, these are dupes for the Make Up Forever HD Blushes but I wouldn't know because I never tried those.  Well I ended up buying a whole bunch of stuff from e.l.f. and it was awesome!  Plus I got it all half off. 

I got some tools to add to my brush collection.

This is the small angle brush.  I really wanted something to use for thicker eyeliner or to place eye shadow underneath my eye.

I needed a freaking lash comb because my last one broke while in my make up bag and I have been walking around with clumpy eyelashes.

A stipple brush! Originally this was gonna be for my tinted moisturizer but I saw that the HD Blushes would be better applied with a stipple brush, so until I buy a smaller stipple brush I'm going to use this one for the blushes.

This one is a small concealer brush, I need one since I've been using my fingers to apply concealer and that shit ain't cute.

I wanted to buy more of these, but I settled on one.  This one is in Rich Red, perfect for the holidays.

This is a Makeup Mist & Set spray, it says it's going to set my makeup or it could brighten it throughout the day. I really want to see what it does exactly.

I got a tinted moisturizer in the color beige.  Hopefully this isn't too light if it is I can just give to my best friend or my cousin since they are both lighter than me.  I haven't checked yet but woo looks promising.

I also got Makeup Remover wipes because I'm too lazy to go out and buy some from Walgreens, haha! Yeah I don't know.

Finally bought some damn shampoo for my brushes.  I saw Rachel from wash her brushes with Dawn soap and I thought oh ok but this was cheaper so I said fuck that, I'm getting the one that's designated for brushes.

This one is just to clean my brushes daily, duh right.

Yay eyebrow stuff, thank the lawd!  I need something to do my brows with because I have been using eye shadow and that stuff leaves streaks and smears.  Am I suppose to prime them hos or what?

 The moment we've all been waiting for.... my motherfucking HD Blushes!  I got one in every color because they are so cheap, how could you not.