Saturday, September 15, 2012

September Birchbox Opening

So let's start with the fact that I was supposed to get this yesterday, or so that's what my tracking number claimed.  I was so disappointed that it wasn't in my mailbox yesterday, but it got there this morning after I figured it wouldn't show up til Monday.  You better believe I was excited to open this one.


I opened it up and I saw this awesome little book deal.  I immediately think it's going to have people wearing trendy clothes for fall and possibly some makeup tips or something like that. DRUM ROLL!!!  It does!  It's got hair tips, makeup tips, and it gives you cute little ways to wear your hair and makeup for the fall. I love this little "lookbook" I would love for them to do this every month but every season is just as good :]

Next, I saw this.  It's a Professional Volumizing Catalyst by LiQWid.  I'm guessing it's supposed to give make "your locks look fuller."  It's a little spray bottle which is awesome, because I prefer this over serums.  I'm excited for this since I have pretty fine hair and have trouble keeping volume, hopefully this will do the trick.

LiQWid also included a volumizing shampoo and conditioner.  Kewl!  I mean how can you get full results if you don't use the shampoo and conditioner as well, right?

My very first BB cream.  I know this are starting to become a big deal, I'm starting to see BB cream everywhere.  This particular one is by Dr. Jart+ and the tint is a little bit lighter than my skin color, but it's cool, I mean I'm tan now because of the summer but as soon as it gets a little colder I'll become my usual pale self again -_-

Yay for nail polish!  I love receiving nail polish in these sample boxes.  This is a mini polish by Color Club in Insta-this.  It's a really pretty blue, I've been wanting a blue.  Good thing I didn't buy one yesterday from Hautelook ha! That would've sucked.

What the...? A twistband?  Uhm thanks?  I seriously hate this.  I mean... why?
Anyway, it's pretty and I could probably use it as a bracelet.  I meant my hair is short so I don't see why I else i need this, and regardless, even if my hair was long this is freaking stupid.  I have twist bands dude, no I don't need one included in my sample box as opposed to an actual BEAUTY product.  God, this is dumb.
(twistband by Birchbox)

And last and yeah, least, perfume!  Mon Jasmin Noir by BVLGARI.
I mean, I don't like receiving perfume in my sample boxes, but you know, whatever.  This one smells pretty good.  Adult-like I guess.  Something my mom would like or my best friend.  She's an old soul.  I don't like perfume because it makes me feel over-the-top.  I always think I smell too strong and it's just uncomfortable. I tend to go for more fruity, girly smells.

I like that they give you a little spray, though, that's always awesome but it's only filled up a little more than half-way. WTF?

Ok so, overall, this box sucked balls.  I mean it's got some cool shit but nothing that made me feel like, "Oooo!"  I wish I would have known how bad this was going to suck I would have skipped this month.  Honestly, the only thing I really liked was the lookbook deal.