Monday, October 1, 2012

BellaPierre Cosmetics on Modnique Order

I fucking love this order it was probably the most expensive bunch of shit I've ever bought.  It was a total of $63.98.  Totally worth it to be quite honest.  So BellaPierre was on Modnique.  For those of you that don't know what Modnique is, it's a boutique sale events site that provides sales for some usually pretty expensive stuff.  It's fucking awesome.  This is the first time I've ever ordered from Modnique and I'm loving it, man.

I ordered two eye shadow stacks, one in Glamorous Glitter and the other in Bella.  First I'll show the Glamorous Glitter 9 stack one.

These glitters are pretty much the same as you can see from the photos it's very fine glitter, you can use this as liner, lip color, eye shadow, body glitter and even your nails.  The only shitty thing is that my camera kept trying to focus on the actual glitter sparkles so it looks pretty weird.  This is the best I can do! Calm down!! haha!

 Next up is the more neutral stack.  These I'm gonna go through each one because I loved these colors.

Firstly, we have 003 Champagne.  This one is super shimmery you don't really see it in the photo but it has like a gold and pink shimmer to it, in this cream colored matte color.  It's BEAUTIFUL!

 This one is called 005 Earth.  It's this brown, rosy, taupe color.  Aha, ok. I really like this color because it's not to shiny but it definitely has some sparkle to it.

Next is 007 Harmony.   This one is a shiny gold, brown color.  I really like this one.  I'm just overwhelmed with how mothafucking shiny these shadows are!  Shit they better be for how much I paid!

Fourthly, uhhh, is 050 Java.  I have to say this one is my favorite.  It's like a reddish-brown with a green shimmer to it.  You can't really see it in this but it's green I swear it was like WHAT?

This is 009 Bronze.  This one is kinda like java except darker and it has a less red tone to it.

017 Celebration is a pretty orange-gold color.  Definitely has some red undertones in it though.  I don't know why but this color just screams X-MEN.  I don't know man, shut up.

Ooo 018 Cinnabar is so FUCKING PRETTY!  I love this one.  I don't even know how to describe it it's beautiful.  Look at it!

020 Noir is just crazy to me.  Look at this bitch.  It's like this dark as fuck black.  This is the color of my fucking heart because it still has shimmer in it.  HOW IS THIS SO DARK BUT HAS SHIMMER.  I don't get it. 

Oh I love 001 Snowflake.  Look how cute.  And the name too.  

This things are originally like $139 each.  SMD! But next time they get back on Modnique I'm hopping on another stacks.  Fucking love these.