Monday, October 1, 2012

October Julep Maven Box

By far my favorite subscription Box I have ever gotten.  Julep is just awesome.  Other than my Conscious Boxes.  I miss those...  ANYWAY.

I opened it and was like oh my good lord.... perfect... *tear

Look at how Halloween-y this is!  lol weenie. Oh god candy corn is gross but I ate it anyway, only the first three are good, then it's just like ok my teeth hurt now.

Ok so the first thing I saw was glitter.  Holy fuck I love glitter.  I don't care if I'm fucking 50, glitter is life.  And it's black and orange.  I'm crying all over this box dude.  

And now for the nail polish.  Ok so I got three polishes in Caroline, Leslie, and Glenda.  Caroline! (Andre 3000 voice)  is my favorite.  This is the most beautiful red on the planet.  It's a straight up vamp red.  I'm not sure what that is but Caroline screams it.  Leslie is an awesome black glitter color.  I fucking love glitter so that's that.  Glenda is crackle top coat.  I don't know if I like crackle top coats.  I mean I used to use them when I was five so I'm just like uh I'm not five.

If you haven't joined Julep yet, fucking do it now