Saturday, December 29, 2012

For my sister: Christmas gifts

I got my sister a Vera Bradley Laptop Case. I got it for pretty cheap off of Rue La La. And here it is.

Jewelmint - Christmas gifts

I am already a member of Stylemint and I figured why the hell not. Well I saw that they were giving out a Mystery Box so I got one. It says you could get at least four pieces but I got six pieces. Woo! I also ordered a pair of earrings I saw for my sister.

They're called the Traffic Gem Earrings.
So freaking pretty and I knew my sister would love it.

The second box I got was a mystery box, which means I dunno what pieces I'm going to get.  I ended up getting 6 different pieces.  I know right.

Monday, December 24, 2012

For Dad: Christmas gifts

My dad is a very hard man to get gifts for because all he does is run and work.

I don't know what kind of gear my dad needs for his job because its in construction. But the running part I know.

So my sister and I bought his a Nike ID running

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Be fine Skin Care Review: Part 1

This came in my Little Black Bag package for December.  I didn't know what it was going to be and I didn't really want to trade it because I don't think anybody wanted it anyway.  I'm glad I got it though, because it's a bunch of face skin care products.

Well I wanted to review it so here it is.

It's called Be fine Fine Food Skin Care.

It comes with a bunch of different types of food to try on your face.

The first one I tried is the Exfoliating Cleanser with brown sugar, sweet almond and oats.  This one smelled so good, I really wanted to eat it.  It did make my face feel cleaner and less dry, especially since it's winter time my face gets super dry.  But this shit right here though, made my face feel so fantastic.  There was definitely enough of it so that I can use again another time but I just didn't have anywhere to put the excess stuff so I just used it all on my face.

But I went out and got some little jars from Walgreens and I decided to put the excess stuff in there so I can use it again another time.  I'm going to do this over a span of a couple weeks in between, so bi-weekly I guess.  But my next post will have better pictures and an overall much better presentation.  


For Mom: Christmas gifts

First thing I got my Mom are skin care products by Avani!
They were on sale on Modnique.

The Eye Serum was $13.00 and is originally $130.00
The Skin Repair Cream was $12.00 and is originally $90.00
So, basically this was a fucking bargain and I immediately thought oh man my mom loves this kind of shit.

Next up, my sister and I went to Macy's to check out some Lush stuff (hint hint) and saw the Chanel counter.  My sister had the great idea to get my mom some Chanel No. 5 perfume.  She's going to love it we got her the big bottle, but without the lotions and whatever else comes with it because I know my mom would never use it.  But it retails to only $130.00 which I think is not as bad as I thought it was going to be.

Little Black Bag - Christmas gifts

This will be a collective Little Black Bag Christmas gifts from two past Little Black Bag orders.

I have two purses to gift. One is for my sister and the other for my cousin.

The Big Buddha one is for my cousin. I figured it would be perfect for her since she is about to have her second child it could double as a diaper bag. It's pretty big and roomy. The interior of the bag is so pretty. It's a navy-black background with some pretty colored stars.

The Nila Anthony Bag is a plaid patterned bag. It was a really nice felt feel to it. I dunno what you would call it. And I didn't see the inside of it since I've already wrapped it I can check it. I know she's gonna love this one.

I got some jewelry that I'm going to gift as well. One for my sister and the other for my little cousin.

My sister is going to get this really pretty necklace that I adore but I think she might enjoy it more. It's a Robert Rose piece and it has bright red and purple jewels on it with a long chain.

My little cousin is getting the Betsey Johnson earrings. Since Christmas is also her birthday I like to get her lots of gifts to remind her that her birthday is just as important. These earrings are so cute. They're a very glittery purple with a cute little white jewel on it. It's supposed to be lips if you can't already tell.

This months bag had a special to include 8 different pieces so I also got some cute cosmetics. I don't really know who to gives these to but they are so cute and pink.

A shadow pen by Pixi in the color Peach Pave. I don't have a picture of the actual pen because I didn't wanna take it out. I'm very serious about cosmetics being taken out of the package and then giving them out. Ew gross. So unsanitary.

A gloss in LaVanilla. It looks really pink and peachy much like how the shadow pen looks.

I highly recommend that people invest in Little Black Bag. It's a subscription site but you have the option to skip a month and are not obligated to buy something every month. You're also not restricted to buy one box per month.
You choose one item and then a stylist chooses two other items for you and you can see it once you buy it. And you don't have to keep it if you don't like it. There are people who will trade items for your items and once your happy with all your trades you can ship early before trading ends.

I am definitely going to buy another bag next month. Maybe a clutch.

Monday, December 17, 2012

Hautelook & Color Club - Christmas gifts

I think I mentioned that Color Club polishes were going to be on Hautelook. But this is a very late post I ordered these a while ago and I never got around to posting them. Since, I'm doing a Christmas gift haul series I figured I should include these too.

I only ordered one set of these polishes which is the In True Fashion set. It came with two full set polishes. One is a orange-y polish and the other is a green-blue sorta thing. They're really pretty and shimmer-y.

I got two of these mini polish sets in Pop-tastic. These are really pretty they range from a very light hot-pink to a electric type purple.

I also got these mini polish sets in twos. This set is called the Winter Affair. This set is probably my favorite because of the glitter in the polishes. It has a candy apple red, a green glittery one, a dark ass purple with glitter and then a gold glitter topcoat one.

I love these polishes.

Sunday, December 16, 2012

Bath & Body Works - Christmas gifts

I wish I would've joined in on the Cyber Monday deals for this because they just had so much stuff on here that I want. I bet everything was so much cheaper. Well I got some pretty good deals because I got a coupon in my email.

I got a bunch of hand sanitizers.
They were in like a combo pack. One was with five and there was another in three. But here are just some of them.

I couldn't resist so I got body sprays. I haven't smelled them because I'm planning on giving all these out for stocking stuffers or something.

Candles! I'm not a candle fan but I think after this little haul I might be. They smell so good. My favorite is 'Tis the Season.

Lastly, I got a special little peppermint candle that I could give away and I decided to give it to my little sister's best friend because she's basically family. I've known the kid since she was ten. And she's eighteen now. Damn I'm old.

There was also some coupons included so I might just be shopping there again soon. :x

Thursday, December 13, 2012

December Ipsy Bag

In this month's Ipsy I got a sort of little pencil bag thing I like this one the most out of the ones I've received. This month's theme is Happy Haute Holidays. I loved everything in this bag. I haven't found anything I don't like in my bags ever since they've changed to Ipsy.

Well lets start with the first I saw when I opened the bag up and that's the black eyeliner! It's the 24-7 Glide on Pencil by Urban Decay. I already have one because I got it in my Book of Shadows Palette but I was sorta running out so this is pretty awesome. Saves me the trouble of going out and getting some, because I'll probably end up spending more than I want to.

I then got a NYX eyeshadow in the color Mink Pearl. Which is super pretty. It's this light orange, golden color. I don't know how I'm supposed to get it out of the bottle since i got like one brush that might fit in it.

Next is a Mirabella Primer. I'm currently using Sephora samples and I was worried that I was going to run out before I went out to get some more but now I can have some more time before I research some primers.

Holy hell this lipgloss color is so pretty. The name is kinda like what? I dunno but I really, really like the color. It's called Hot Mess by be a.... Bombshell. It's this really bright red and it's not super sticky but it's not watery. It really feels like it's going to stay in place.

And lastly, I got highlighter paper by Mai Couture. It's really light and it's in this neat little packet kinda like those oil blotting sheets.

Well I'm pretty happy with this bag. And I don't think Ipsy will ever be canceled if it keeps this up.

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

December Birchbox

So I was seriously thinking about canceling my subscription from Birchbox. Not because I didn't like it, but because I wanted to try other subscription services. But this month's Birchbox was so damn near perfect and even the perfume was awesome.

I opened it up and saw a holiday themed Birchbox. I've been wanting six boxes so that I can make those little makeup boxes. And I dunno how uniformed the box is gonna look with this one included but I loved it!

I opened it up and it came with this cute little gift tag that I'm definitely gonna use.

The first item is a hair mask. It's called Obliphica Nourishing Mask by amika. I gave this one to my sister because I don't really like putting products in my hair because its already so thin that I'm scared to experiment with it.

Next I saw was a chocolate/cookie. I don't know but that was so good I was like yum I want more. It was the salted chocolate crunch by Chuao Chocolatier.

The lash gel serum by Lashem was a little weird. I mean do they know I have full lashes, isn't that what the beauty profile thing is for? I don't need it and neither does my sister but she totally wanted it so I gave it to her.

I really liked the samples that were wrapped up in the separate tissue paper.

I saw the perfume and I was like oh great another fucking perfume sample. But when I smelled it I was like oooo what is this? It's called Shimmer by aerie. I think I'm probably going to get this in full-sized.

Lastly, I got a theBalm sample! I love theBalm and I need to invest in more products by them. This one is called Mary-Lou Manizer. It's this really pretty pink-gold shimmery color. And it can be used as an eyeshadow or a highlighter. Ima get this one in full-sized.

This box was perfect. I really wasn't bothered with the hair mask or the lash gel because my sister wanted them. Which makes it perfect. I don't know if I want to cancel :( ehhhh one more month lol