Sunday, December 16, 2012

Bath & Body Works - Christmas gifts

I wish I would've joined in on the Cyber Monday deals for this because they just had so much stuff on here that I want. I bet everything was so much cheaper. Well I got some pretty good deals because I got a coupon in my email.

I got a bunch of hand sanitizers.
They were in like a combo pack. One was with five and there was another in three. But here are just some of them.

I couldn't resist so I got body sprays. I haven't smelled them because I'm planning on giving all these out for stocking stuffers or something.

Candles! I'm not a candle fan but I think after this little haul I might be. They smell so good. My favorite is 'Tis the Season.

Lastly, I got a special little peppermint candle that I could give away and I decided to give it to my little sister's best friend because she's basically family. I've known the kid since she was ten. And she's eighteen now. Damn I'm old.

There was also some coupons included so I might just be shopping there again soon. :x