Saturday, December 8, 2012

BaubleBar Order - Christmas gifts

I got a some necklaces on BaubleBar a while ago and they just got to my home this morning and they sent me an email apologizing for the delay and they gave me a coupon! How great is that?? Oh BaubleBar I love you.

Well I got two necklaces for forty bucks and they are just so gorgeous!!

I almost want to keep them but I know I shouldn't.
Well the first one is for my little cousin. Her birthday is also on Christmas so I'm getting her a bunch of stuff that I'm hoping she'll love.
This one is called the Glam Spike Collar.
It is so damn pretty I just can't. I got in the color Hermatite.

The second one is for my best friend. I got her a bauble a couple months ago for her birthday and I figured I'd get her another one for Christmas cuz she just loved it so damn much. I know right? I'm nice.  I got this one in black.