Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Be fine Skin Care Review: Part 1

This came in my Little Black Bag package for December.  I didn't know what it was going to be and I didn't really want to trade it because I don't think anybody wanted it anyway.  I'm glad I got it though, because it's a bunch of face skin care products.

Well I wanted to review it so here it is.

It's called Be fine Fine Food Skin Care.

It comes with a bunch of different types of food to try on your face.

The first one I tried is the Exfoliating Cleanser with brown sugar, sweet almond and oats.  This one smelled so good, I really wanted to eat it.  It did make my face feel cleaner and less dry, especially since it's winter time my face gets super dry.  But this shit right here though, made my face feel so fantastic.  There was definitely enough of it so that I can use again another time but I just didn't have anywhere to put the excess stuff so I just used it all on my face.

But I went out and got some little jars from Walgreens and I decided to put the excess stuff in there so I can use it again another time.  I'm going to do this over a span of a couple weeks in between, so bi-weekly I guess.  But my next post will have better pictures and an overall much better presentation.