Saturday, December 8, 2012

December Julep Box

I love that I get my Julep Maven box so early in the month. It's one of those things I'm so looking forward to when a new month comes.

This month's It Girl was so damn shiny and glittery. It's holiday nail polish! I fucking love glitter so this shit is amazeeee.

I put it over a regular black nail polish just 'cause it was the most appropriate to display all three glitters on one hand.

Vivien is a taupe-gold glitter with like big gold glitters.

Ivy is my fucking favorite. It's this sheer mermaid-y blue that kinda transitions to purple. Iridescent as fuck. I love this one.

Harper is a pretty deco green based glitter but it has like a buncha other colors with it.

I loved this box. I loved it. I loved it. It was great. I loved it.

I also got this weird Cabochon ring thing that I can paint or some shit, I dunno but it looks like something fun to do when I'm really bored.

Regardless, this shit was so fucking awesome.  I love Julep so much.