Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Little Black Bag - Christmas gifts

This will be a collective Little Black Bag Christmas gifts from two past Little Black Bag orders.

I have two purses to gift. One is for my sister and the other for my cousin.

The Big Buddha one is for my cousin. I figured it would be perfect for her since she is about to have her second child it could double as a diaper bag. It's pretty big and roomy. The interior of the bag is so pretty. It's a navy-black background with some pretty colored stars.

The Nila Anthony Bag is a plaid patterned bag. It was a really nice felt feel to it. I dunno what you would call it. And I didn't see the inside of it since I've already wrapped it I can check it. I know she's gonna love this one.

I got some jewelry that I'm going to gift as well. One for my sister and the other for my little cousin.

My sister is going to get this really pretty necklace that I adore but I think she might enjoy it more. It's a Robert Rose piece and it has bright red and purple jewels on it with a long chain.

My little cousin is getting the Betsey Johnson earrings. Since Christmas is also her birthday I like to get her lots of gifts to remind her that her birthday is just as important. These earrings are so cute. They're a very glittery purple with a cute little white jewel on it. It's supposed to be lips if you can't already tell.

This months bag had a special to include 8 different pieces so I also got some cute cosmetics. I don't really know who to gives these to but they are so cute and pink.

A shadow pen by Pixi in the color Peach Pave. I don't have a picture of the actual pen because I didn't wanna take it out. I'm very serious about cosmetics being taken out of the package and then giving them out. Ew gross. So unsanitary.

A gloss in LaVanilla. It looks really pink and peachy much like how the shadow pen looks.

I highly recommend that people invest in Little Black Bag. It's a subscription site but you have the option to skip a month and are not obligated to buy something every month. You're also not restricted to buy one box per month.
You choose one item and then a stylist chooses two other items for you and you can see it once you buy it. And you don't have to keep it if you don't like it. There are people who will trade items for your items and once your happy with all your trades you can ship early before trading ends.

I am definitely going to buy another bag next month. Maybe a clutch.