Tuesday, February 12, 2013

M.A.C. Cosmetics

My package came in! I'm so excited!

I saw that the Archie's Girls collection came out online but I guess I hesitated to go and order it and I was just gonna wait 'til the collection came out in stores.  But I ended up ordering some and some of the lipsticks I wanted had sold out so this is what I end up getting.

I'll start with the permanent lipsticks I ordered.

I got Candy Yum - Yum since it just became part of the permanent line.  It's a pretty matte, bright pink.  I haven't gotten to wear it yet but I will soon.

I also got Rebel which is a satin finish, and has a really pretty bright berry tint to it.  I love this I wore it last weekend and it lasted all night through almost six drinks.  Both of these lipsticks are all raved about on You Tube, so I figured eh why not?

Finally the Archie's Girl collection.  I only got three items but they're def new faves.  This one is the Veronica collection and it is a M.A.C. lipglass in Strawberry Malt.  Its a pretty sticky type of stain gloss, all M.A.C. lip glosses are sticky as shit.  But I love this so much its more of a natural pink for me but it would probably be really bright on fair-skin types.

Oh and the packaging it came in is fucking cute.

I got both the Betty & Veronica blushes.  These are just so cute.  I love love the packaging.

The first one is called Prom Princess and this one is in the Veronica collection.  Its really bright and has a slight shimmer to it; it is a satin finish.  I don't have anything like this so there you go.

Next up is the Betty blush and this one is called Cream Soda, it's more of a peachy pink color.  The camera on my phone didn't really capture the colors too well but trust me it's peachy.  I love this one so much I can't even explain how cute it is.  I hope there's a dupe for this out there 'cause I have feeling I'm going to go through this one pretty quickly.  This is also a satin finish and has a shimmer too it.

I also got this sweet little Archie's Girls pin.  I love this thingy I might put it on my book bag or something.

I love this order and I'm probably gonna go back to M.A.C. and spend a lot of money soon.