Sunday, February 3, 2013

Quick Update!

Sorry I've been MIA. (I know I'm the only one that reads this but it keeps me from doing drugs.)
I have an order from M.A.C. Cosmetics that should be here Tuesday and an order from Hautelook, but I don't know when that one is coming because Hautelook has to wait for it to be shipped from the company but its awesome, and I'm excited.

I have canceled all of my subscription boxes, this includes:
-Julep Maven

And I don't think I plan on ordering anything from Little Black Bag or Stylemint anytime soon.

I am however going to be doing more clothes hauls and such because I kind of want to update my wardrobe since Spring is coming and it's already hot in Texas (it's 70degrees F outside).

Maybe I can do movie reviews or something but not really or just stuff I've been doing.  Yeah, I'll probably just do some "Day in the Life of..."

I'll keep posting though! I haven't forgotten about this blog (journal).

(I'm really glad no one reads this)