Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Jewelry Haul!

Recently, I have been all over the place (on the Internet) searching for the perfect spring accessories to one-up my wardrobe for spring. I never wear jewelry and I have been slowly acquiring baubles here and there, but since the seasons are changing I just decided, fuck it. Why the fuck not?

Lets start with the first order that came in, from JYJZ on shoplately.com. Holy sale, Batman, shoplately is my new obsession they have the greatest variation of accessories and I just need everyone to know!

( The sunglasses are from Bleudame.com but that's a different future post. )

I got this edge spiked ring that takes over my entire hand. I love the way it makes my hand look and it seriously helps an outfit look put together.
They also included a free gift! I'm not a fan of big plastic rings but I think the free gift was more than just generous, I mean I only got one item from them.
10/10, would recommend!

Second, I ordered a couple things from Glint & Gleam, which is another shop on shoplately.com. These items, are cool as shit.

I've never owned any kind of knuckle ring. I've always thought they would feel uncomfortable, but this one is seriously my new favorite. I love everything about this ring. The thickness, the simplicity, the shape, it's a perfect starter knuckle ring.

I also ordered this arrow looking ring. It's so dainty and cute and I knew it was going to be a small ring but in person it's just so delicate-looking. I thing this is a good addition to the collection.

Lastly, from Glint & Gleam, I ordered these earrings. They are the perfect spring earring. I love the mint, especially. It's got this really pretty gold detailing on one side while the other is just plain gold. And I had no idea they were going to be so big, but they totally work and they aren't as heavy as I had assumed they were going to be.

Finally, the last jewelry stop I did (so far) was from Wildfox. It was a sale event on Modnique.com. I couldn't decide which one to get but I ended up choosing this one.

It is a short, almost choker necklace. It has a bunch of skulls on it. I am not sure if it came in other colors, but this one is in a rose gold color. I absolutely love this piece, it's edgy and goes great with my new spring wardrobe and, shit, it's Wildfox!

My favorite part about this piece is the bone clasp at the end of the necklace. Like how fucking cute, instead of a regular clasp they put this bone there! Fucking cute shit right there!