Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Vegas Collection by Makeup Geek

I pre-ordered Makeup Geek's new Vegas Collection and I couldn't wait to open it up and play with the colors.  The collection features five pigments and a six-shadow palette.  This is the very first palette Makeup Geek has come out with and it includes five new shades.

It arrived at my dad's office in this tiny package and I wasn't too sure what it was until I saw the shipped label.  OMG, FINALLY!  I didn't opened it until I got home so I can have a background to take cute pictures of the products with. 

Before I pulled out the stuffs inside, I saw this cute, little note with my name, handwritten on the front.  They know me! I thought that was a really nice, personal note.  Makeup Geek really knows how to make a gal feel wanted.

I pulled out the bubble wrapped, little packages and started rearranging them in a cute photo to post via Instagram (@maggiegee008 ;)  Lets talk about the pigments first.  There are five different pigments that are very, very full.  I opened the first one very carefully and it immediately got all over my hands.  Honestly, that doesn't really bother me, but all I could think was how much wasted product is now on my bed sheets. Anyway, the first one here is Vegas Lights.


Vegas Lights is a very chunky, glitter pigment.  It's a very shiny, copper color.  It reminds me of Fall and pumpkins.  I have no clue what to with this pigment other than pair it with black, but it looks so gooooood.

Next up is Poker Face, I really don't like the name.  I get it, Vegas, haha, poker, haha.  I don't know man. The name is blah.  However the color... is sooo pretty.  Poker face is one of the new pigments they have out.  It's a really browny, bronze color.  I don't think I have anything this pigmented in my collection.

Night Life is my favorite color of all the pigments.  It's like a rosy taupe, almost mauve color.  I actually wore this recently and it blended so nicely and it was so creamy.  Ugh, I love this color so friggin' much.

Liquid Gold is another pigment that Makeup Geek already had.  This color is a true metallic gold, it has a bit of greenish tones in it.  Again, I have no idea how I'll wear this but I'm sure I'll think of something.

Lastly, Jackpot!  I love this name, mostly because I like yelling it.  JACKPOT!  Anyway, this one is also a new shade added to Makeup Geek.  It's a very light and shimmery pale-yellow.  I can see looks with this one.  I see the future and it's... pale... ok.

Let's talk palette's, yeah?  Makeup Geek released a palette with the collection and I can't get over the design.  It's got this gold, reflective outline of the Vegas skyline and these large, pinky graphics of card suits on it.  I really like the design man.  The palette includes a mirror and six shades, five of which are new.  The neat thing is that you can take out the eye shadows pans with a magnet, so that you can transfer it to a z palette of something.  

The new shades include Casino, Sin City, Roulette, Mirage, Desert Sands, and the veteran shade Bada Bing.

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