Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Lorac Haul from Hautelook

My hand slipped.  I saw Hautelook had Lorac on sale and bought some stuff.  Lots of stuff.  Initially, I was going to get something for myself, but then I realized that I should probably start some holiday shopping.  This year I'm doing something really cute for Christmas, I'll get into that later once its more than just an idea.

Spring Bling Platinum Collection

First, I bought the Spring Bling Platinum Collection.  The package included a little makeup bag with three eye shadows, a mascara, and a dual eyeliner.  It is a $105.00 value, and retails for $36.00 (it's on sale for $20.00 on Lorac!).  I got it for $14.00 on Hautelook.  

The bag is just not something I'd ever want.  I'm just not into silver makeup bags.  They always look so cheap and they remind me of something included in like a little kid's make-up set.  I mean it's good quality and all that good stuff, there's just something about silver-sequined bags.  I mean this one is cuter than most though..., sort of.  The more I look at it, the more I'm okay with it.  Who knows!?  I'll probably end up keeping it. #nah

There were three, really pretty eye shadows included in the collection.  Since I'm going to be giving these away I didn't want to stick my greasy finger in the eye shadow to swatch.  The three shadows are called White Gold, Precious Metal, and Onyx.  It says that one of these are matte, but they all look shimmery to me.  Maybe, the black is a matte shadow with some glitter?  I'm not sure since I was unable to swatch ittt.

(left to right: White Gold, Onyx, and Precious Metal)

The mascara included is the Cobra Mascara by Lorac. Again, I didn't swatch it because there's something  wrong about mascara touching your skin and then giving it away.  It's just not good, it's like sharing mascara with a friend.  Friends don't let friends borrow mascara.  It has a curved wand which is really great for those with really straight lashes.  It has fiber bristles, which are my favorite type of bristles, I like it better than plastic head wands because they really get in there more.

Lastly, the collection included a double-ended eye liner called the 3D Lustre/Liner.  The colors are Pewter and Black Slate.  Pewter is obviously the lighter one and the black one has a shimmer to it.  I understand the whole "3D" thing.  I couldn't get a nice picture of the Pewter, it comes across white almost, but it's gray, I swear.  It also has my favorite type of eye liner brush.  They say you can't really wing it out with this type of brush, but I sure as hell can ;).

Sweet Temptations Eye Shadow collection

I really, really love the packaging of this collection.  I actually bought this in the past for a gift but this time I'm going to separate the palettes and then give them out.  I also own the box collection that includes the lip and cheek creams and the gel liner palette.  This package retails for $36 and I got it on Hautelook for $16.  

The first palette is called Indulge In White Chocolate.  Oh.  I'm not sure if I have this one. 

It includes the a white, silver, gray, and a black.  My favorite shade from just looking at is the white one, it has very light shimmers in it, perfect for inner-corner-type-of highlighting.  However, I'm not too impressed with this palette.  It just reminds me of like that club makeup that every girl in a black dress is wearing.  Ugh, I hate clubbing.  I do have someone in mind that would love this though.

Satisfying Toffee Crunch, mmm... this is a delicious name for a palette.  

This one is a neutral eye shadow palette, it has more safer colors in it, but can still come across dramatic in the right order.  This one has my favorite shade in it, it is the third shadow from the left.  It's a shimmery cranberry color.  To be honest, all the colors in this palette are very shimmery.  Colors included in the palette are pink, brown, cranberry, and a sort of plum.  I'm not sure who to give this palette away to.

Tease Me Truffles, this one is a plum eye shadow palette.

This palette has very cool shades, and I can see why it's a plum eye shadow palette because it's using the plum color as it's main star.  My favorite in this palette is the second color from the left, which is a shimmery dusty rose.  This palette actually has some really good colors in it and I think I'm going to go into my collection and use this palette maybe in some Halloween party looks.

Tantalizing Dark Chocolate is described as a bronze eye shadow palette.

I mean the colors aren't really bronzed, they're more on the copper side, but I can kinda see it.  This one comes with a matte dark brown shade, and three seriously shimmery shadows.  The two middle shadows look similar in the palette but one is way more pigmented than the other.

Mint Edition Eye/Cheek Palette

I originally bought this one for myself, but I realized that the colors are way too cool-toned for me.  I'm probably going to give this away to my little cousin, who is much fairer than me.  The palette includes 8 shadows, 4 matte shadows and 4 shimmery shadows, a highlighter and a blush.  The palette also came with a lip gloss that I'll probably give to my sister-in-law.  This was a $160 value and retails for $42.  I got it on Hautelook for $12.

The real reason I bought this was purely for the packaging of the palette.  I mean, look at it.  It looks like a cute little clutch.

The palette includes a total of 8 shadows. (That I did not swatch because I will be gifting the palette.)

4 matte:
- soft pink with a very tiny sparkle
- taupe/mauve 
- a very true cool mint
- a standard black

4 shimmer:
- pearl white
- rose-taupe
- dusty plum with mint blue sparkle
- rich brown plum 

The palette has two larger pans that are a highlighter and a blush, but could be used as a shadow.  I really need to find a dupe for these or else I'm going to take them out of this palette.
- highlighter is a pearl-y pink with lots of shimmer
- blush is a very light coral with lots of shimmer

Lastly, the collection included a lip gloss in the shade Retro.  
- a nude pink with a very light shimmer.
I really like these applicators on lip glosses, it allows more precise applications.  

Breakthrough Performance Lipstick

Finally, the very last thing I ordered were these two lipsticks.  They retail for $22 each and I got them on Hautelook for $4 each.  These lipsticks also have an SPF 15.  I'm not too sure about the payoff or the texture of the lipstick because I did not swatch these.

It Girl is a true coral.  Personally, corals don't look too good on my skin tone, unless I've been tanning.  Otherwise it washes me out.  This would probably look best on my best friend who is a fairer skin tone than me.

Leading Lady is a very beautiful, bold red.  This one is a huge favorite, I think I will be giving this one to my mom.  She is the leading lady in my life, haha!

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