Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Kate Spade Earrings

Such a late post.

I've been really busy with school and work and blah blah blah, so I haven't really been able to keep up with this blog.  However, I will be doing a bunch of posts within the next few weeks.  Mostly because I have still been gathering gifts for loved ones and I like talking about them because I can't talk about them with everyone else because they're gifts!

Back in September, (I know, I know) I bought some earrings from Kate Spade during one of their 75% off events.  I had a hard time deciding who to gift these to, because I know everyone would love these.

I got three pairs of earrings for $77.22 and they all came in these cute little personal bags and I think that's the perfect touch as a gift.  

Double Bow Studs

These are the called the Double Bow Studs in gold.  These were only $19.99, originally they are $48.00, I'm not sure if you can get them for the price I paid, but I do know these gold ones are on Piperlime.

 Next, I got the same Double Bow Studs but in Silver.  Same price as the ones listed above.  However, I'm not sure where to get these.

Keswick Caining Huggie Earrings

Lastly, I got the Keswick Caining Huggie Earrings in gold.  I purchased these for $29.99 and are originally $65.00, I think.  These are 25% off on the Kate Spade website for around $40.00.

I found it really hard to not keep these for myself, but I figured 'tis the season, right?  I really hope I resist the temptations.

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