Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Loft Haul

Back in October I went into Loft because they were having a 40% off sale on their sale items.  Since it was such a long time ago, I don't have the receipt anymore, but I think I only spent a little more than $100, maybe $125?  Anyway, I got a few items for a very good price.

The first thing I tried on was this blue plaid shirt.  They only had a petite sizes left so I tried on a 10P and it fit well but it seemed like my chest was in the wrong place.  

It had these really pretty jeweled buttons toward the top of the shirt.  Unfortunately, I didn't get this shirt, but looking back now, I wish I did. 

The next shirt I tried on but didn't get is this winter white shirt.  I really liked this shirt, but since I've gained some weight recently, I just didn't like the way it look on me.  Yes, I could have bought it and so when I lose weight (which I will!) but why put that kinda pressure on myself?

My favorite thing about this shirt was the collar.  It had this really pretty mesh pattern of a Peter Pan collar.

This shirt I did get.  Its a boxy shaped shirt, with a textured leopard print.  I really like this shirt.  I think you can wear this with like a collar long sleeved, but I usually wear this along with a jacket or a scarf.  It's really good for a Texas winter, because it's slightly thin but you can wear a jacket on top and not overheat.

This shirt I did not get.  It fit well, and I didn't have any issues with buttons gaping or anything, but ultimately I didn't want to take so many shirts and end up spending more than intended.

This shirt was so soft and so pretty, and I don't know what kind of print this is.  Help?

This sweater I did get and I wear it ALL THE TIME.  It's a very thick, quilted fabric and it's boxy shaped like the other shirt I bought.

I really like the pattern on this sweater.

This is by far my favorite piece that I got in this haul.  Although, I haven't worn it, I'm waiting for Spring.  I just don't like to wearing floral during the colder seasons.  

This is a bomber jacket and it has a matching bottom, but I ain't about that life, so I got the jacket.  

Here is the print up close.  I really have no clue what to wear with this.

Lastly, I got a cardigan from loft.  I really love Loft's cardigans, because they're long and thin and I can wear them all year long because Texas is hot y'all.

I'm not sure if Loft still has any of these items left, since they were all sale items.  Except for the cardigan, that was full price, but the 40% off applied to cardigans and tanks that day.  Maybe online if you're lucky!

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