Wednesday, December 3, 2014

My Small Adventure: ACL 2014

I went to Austin City Limits this year during the first weekend.  I got the tickets pretty early, sometime around May, maybe?  They really are crazy expensive something around $400?

Austin City Limits, or ACL, is a three-day music festival, and this year it took place during two separate weekends.  I went the first weekend of Oct 3-5.  I didn't get to go on that Friday, I had school and it was easier for us to just leave that night and just go on Saturday.  I also didn't get to go on Sunday.  My boyfriend was really tired from the day before and we're not really crowd-loving type of people.

Some of the artists I saw included the Avett Brothers, Rebelution, Juanes, and a bunch others I don't know the names of, but I do know some of their songs.  

Also, ACL has some awesome little tents and artwork set up for you to take pictures of and buy.  I bought a really cool poster of The Blues Brothers (one of my favorite movies) that I have yet to put up because I need a cool frame.

(I really wanted to get a pair of these)

On Sunday, since we didn't go to ACL and we woke up kinda late, we decided to go visit his family in the morning and that went to Conan's Pizza.  I wish I would've taken more pictures of Conan's.  The walls were covered in comic book covers and Conan the barbarian art.  It was awesome and the pizza was so freaking good.  

After we left Conan's we were pretty stuffed but I saw a pie shop across the street.  This place is awesome.  It had a bunch of chandeliers and mix&match furniture, it's just my dream little shop.  There were people in there studying, some having a study group, and then us, having a date.

I got the Blueberry 'n Cream pie and my boyfriend got pecan? I don't remember but he got crazy and got ice cream on top.  The menu included frappes, coffee, PIE SHAKES!

I had fun on my Austin trip.  We always have a lot of fun when we go.  I'm hoping to go again next month.  Downtown Austin is just the best and my favorite place to go on a quick vacation trip.

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